Our project coordinates a number of courses. Some are offered by our research team. Others are given by invited speakers. Courses are designed as interactive learning devices, helping all those involved (teachers and students) to navigate through the salient points of discussions over the “mathematization of nature” in early modern Europe.

Vanishing bodies and the laws of nature, or how did physics meet mathematics in the seventeenth century. This is an undergaduate course given by Dana Jalobeanu.

Mathematics, natural philosophy and the emergence of science: Reflections upon the “mathematization of nature”. Master course given by Dana Jalobeanu at the Department of Philosophy, Semester I, 2017-1018. Students and early career researchers are most welcome.

Philosophy of science, optional undergraduate course given by Dana Jalobeanu and Ovidiu Babeș.

gulizia courseReading nature with Aristotle. Optional intensive course given by Stefano Gulizia (IRH -ICUB). Open to undergraduate and master students, as well as PhD students. It is divided into seminars and lectures, and it runs from October 12 till November 2 (six classes of four hours each). The course focuses on the Aristotelian science of natural problems, which continues to be a most neglected area of Peripatetic thought despite having been the bedrock of influential debates up to the Enlightenment.

The courses will take place at the Faculty of Philosophy, Council Room, starting from 10 AM. For further information, send an e-mail at:

Master-course Galileo’s Methods of Investigation and Discoveryafis Galileo. A one week intensive master-course, 24-28 October, held at the Institute for Research in the Humanities, ICUB (Dimitrie Brandza str. 1). Invited speakers: Jochen Buttner (Max Planck Institute for History of Science), MIhnea Dobre (IRH-ICUB), Daniel Garber (Princeton University), Stefano Gulizia (IRH-ICUB), Dana Jalobeanu, Matteo Valleriani (Max Planck Institute for History of Science).

To register send an email to




Images of the Knowledge System Pivoted Around Cosmology. afis VallerianiOptional intensive course co-organized together with the Department of Philosophy, held in the Department of Philosophy 17-23 October 2017. Proponent: Matteo Valleriani (Max Planck Institute for History of Science, Berlin & IRH-ICUB, University of Bucharest). The course will take place every day from October 17, from 10 to 14, in the council room, Faculty of Philosophy.







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