Research Seminar

This is a (roughly) weekly research seminar of the project “Emergence of Mathematical Physics in the Context of Experimental Philosophy”. In the seminar, project members discuss various forms of mathematizing natural philosophy, ancient sources and their reception, as well as historiographical issues of the mathematization of nature/Scientific Revolution.



  1. September 11 – Aristotle’s Theory of Science: the Aristotelian Division of Sciences, Aristotle’s Philosophy of Genera-crossing in Science.
  2. September 27 – Aristotle’s Philosophy of Mathematics: the Nature of Mathematical Objects an their Role in the Study of Nature.
  3. October 11 – The historiography of the “mathematization of nature”; recent trends and interdisciplinary approaches. Invited lecture: Matthias Schemmel (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin), Experience and Reflection in a Long-Term History of Spatial Concepts.
  4. October 18 – Renaissance mathematical practitioners: the role of instruments in practical mathematics.
  5. October 25 – The Scientific Revolution and the “mathematization of nature”: Galileo and Descartes. Invited lecture: Daniel Garber (Princeton University), Descartes and Galileo.
  6. November 1 – Galileo’s “Platonism” (the Koyré thesis).
  7. November 8 – Plato’s mathematical cosmology in the Timaeus; Renaissance mathematical practitioners and the Platonic solids.
  8. November 15 – Aristotle’s theory of science and the problem of metabasis; the tradition of scientiae mediae.
  9. November 22 – Proclus’ philosophy of mathematics in the Commentary on the First Book of Euclid’s Elements and its reception in the Renaissance;  the development of Euclidian axiomatics.
  10. November 29 – John Dee’s tree of mathematical sciences: The “Mathematicall Praeface” to Euclid’s Elements.
  11. December 6 – The mathematization of natural magic: John Dee and Cornelius Agrippa.

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